Back-to-Office Skin Care

Posted on July 28, 2017
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When it comes to the job, everyone agrees you have thick skin. You can handle anything the boss throws at you. But what about your actual skin? You may be prepared for the challenges of the office, but your skin may not be. Office conditions can be brutal on the skin, and you need to make sure your skin goes in to work just as ready as you are. How can you do it? Here’s some advice for every office skin woe, so you can keep your skin looking great 9-5.

The Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in the office is one of the most common causes of skin woes. Air conditioning causes the humidity to drop, which means your skin becomes dehydrated and dull. How can you fix this? A moisturizer in the purse or desk drawer will give you easy access to plump, hydrated skin all day long. Even better, a facial spray or stick moisturizer for quick no mess application.


If you know the rules of sunscreen application, you know you’re supposed to slather it on every two hours, even if you’re at your desk. Perspiration from the day and gradual wear can render your sunscreen almost ineffective by midday. Fix this by keeping sunscreen sticks handy of all day protection and oil control.

The Computer

If you work in front of a computer all day, you probably don’t need to be told how much strain you are putting on your eyes. The headache and blurred vision is probably sending enough of a message.

Eyedrops are the way to combat this problem. They lubricate dry eyes and bring relief and moisture to computer exposed peepers.

Greasy Skin

That air conditioning may be doing more than drying your skin. When skin dries, it may start to overcompensate by producing excess oil. While a powder pact may do the job oil blotting paper may do it more discreetly. Light as a feather to carry in your purse or briefcase, without the need for brushes and puffs.

You Stink

Ok, that may be harsh, but food odors, sweat odors, and smoke can all collect in your hair and on your clothes, and the result may be less than attractive. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little perfume! Just keep a little rollerball at your desk to refresh your scent and keep you smelling sweet all day.

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