The Perfect Skincare Routine for Your 50s

Posted on August 2, 2017
Happy smiling woman in her 50s or 60s with white hair

If you’ve reached your 50’s, congratulations! You’ve reached an age of wisdom, of good judgement, and of self acceptance, and looking better than ever! That means you need a skincare routine that’s going to keep up with you, and that means you need to keep up with the latest trends in skincare. So for all you need to know about keeping your skin in shape, read on for some pearls of wisdom from the minds of some of the leading experts in skin care.

Barrier Strengthening Ingredients

One factor of aging that is unavoidable is a drop in estrogen levels. Estrogen plays a big part in the function of healthy skin cells, so that means when the levels fall, “the skin can’t protect itself, maintain hydration, or produce strong collagen the way it once could,” says New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. He also adds that aging skin loses natural lipids, like cholesterol and fatty acids, which cause dehydration, inflammation, and a breakdown of the moisture barrier. The fix? Look for a lotion with lipid restoration to repair barrier depletion and use twice daily.


As the estrogen and lipids begin to decrease, the skin’s pH begins to increase. According to Robyn Gmyrek, New York dermatologist, “Particularly as we move into our 60’s, the skin’s outermost layer, which is normally slightly acidic, becomes more alkaline, further weakening the moisture barrier and exacerbating dryness and sensitivity.” However, don’t despair! There is an oral and topical solution to this. Probiotics produce acidic molecules, such as fatty acids, which can restore the pH balance of the skin, and also neutralize free radicals to protect collagen and elastin. Ingest probiotics in the form of fermented foods, like kefir and yogurt, or consider taking a supplement that contains bifidobacterium and lactobacillus.

Oil Up

Holistic aesthetician Kristina Holey says when it comes to cleansers and serums, oil-based formulas are the rage with the over-50 set, “because they’re really not trying to remove anything besides makeup at this point.” If you’re not already using a creamy cleanser, you may want to incorporate a soothing oil with a dose of antioxidants.


Exfoliation is a crucial part of a healthy skin routine for women of any age. Holey says, “Most women in their 50’s really do well with enzyme peels, which gently exfoliate without stripping or scratching.”

Firm and Tighten

If you’re experiencing a bit of a sag around the mouth and chin, dermatologist Whitney Bowe suggests looking for skin care with ingredients like peptides, retinoids, stem cells and growth factor stimulants to boost collagen production, and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin. Says New York City dermatologist Robert Anolik, “Retinoids are truly the pan-age therapy. You may have used them in your 20’s to clear acne, in your 30’s to control pigment, in your 40’s to strengthen collagen, and fight lines; and now, as they continue to do all of those things, they’re also helping prevent pre-cancerous changes in your skin that can come with age.”

In your 50’s? Let us know what you’re doing to get your best skin ever!

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